Each LJ Adventure will have different vehicle requirements, based on the trails being ran. This is not a way of saying you need to build your Jeep a certain way, it's just a way to help ensure the trip is enjoyable for everyone and that their rig is capable of the trails we are running. Below you will find a list of requirements for our 2020 event.

Be sure to visit this list each time you are thinking of applying for an event.


2020 Rubicon Adventure


1. 2004-2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (LJ)

2. 37″ Minimum Tire Size (approximate not exact)

3. Front and Rear lockers (limited slips do not suffice)

4. Sport Cage (aftermarket cage that protects the front windshield frame area)

5. Working winch

6. Front and Rear Frame Mounted Recovery Points such as tow hooks, D rings, etc. 

7. Spare Tire or Repair Kit

8. VHF radio such as HAM radio, Rugged Radio, or Baofeng

9. First Aid kit

10. Fire extinguisher

11. Must be self-sufficient with tools and spare parts (we will not have a dedicated mechanic with us, but we will all help out to ensure no vehicle is left out on the trail)

12. Each vehicle must carry emergency water & food, plus a sleeping bag or heavy clothing for each occupant.


All the above are mandatory requirements, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t meet all of them right now, there is still a chance. As long as you have ALL THE ABOVE on “Inspection Day” (which is the first day of the LJ Adventure event) you can still submit the application.